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For all Mastercard users, MASTERCARD company provides free ride eg discount in amount of up to 200din. Register your Mastercard through our applicaton - Beogradski 19801 Taxi and use the promo period to enjoy first five rides with 200din discount. This period lasts from Aug 11th 2020 till Dec 31 2020.

Simple and elegant

Adapted to our customers

Our application is created to our customers and the mentality of people from this area. For every taste and something for everyone. Use in a way that pleases you the most, and if you want, leave a comment and we will continue to development of our applications in that direction.

What are my options?

Application benefits

What are the features and options within the application

Order a taxi

In just a two moves, send us your address or location, or select additional options and we'll find the vehicle!


You can register and take advantage of additional possibilities of applications.

Application features

Use our base address

We've made for you all the important facilities in Belgrade. Search for hotels, dining, bars ...

Calculate the approximate price

If you enter a destination, it will automatically calculate the approximate cost of driving

Find out why we are different

Mobile application of Belgrade 19801 taxi, is based on the experience and work of our dispatch center. The system was developed in cooperation with NetCab. This application allows you to communicate directly with the dispatch center and makes shorter time required for the realization of your demands. Our application does not depend on the number of vehicles on the street, and not rely exclusively on a software algorithm. Behind our applications are real people.

  • A reliable system developed on long experience
  • Guaranteed anonymity and security of your data
  • Easy to use
  • Ability to install on multiple devices
  • Special benefits for registered members

Why to register?

To use the application you are not conditioned to register, as in other applications. The application can install and use the priority number of calls without entering any personal data. But if you want to have the option of ordering the vehicle, you must enter your telephone number so that our dispatch center can identified you in the case that the driver can’t find you, or there's any change, so we can contact you.

For users who want to register, they need to enter name, e-mail address and optionally sex and date of birth. After registering you will receive e-mail with a link to confirm your identity. The user is considered registered only after confirmation and activation your account. Registered users receive as part of the application, the ability to remembered locations that they are often used, and to use the calculator to see prices and their driving history, and one of the next iteration will have the possibility of evaluating the driver.

Application screen shots

Taka look at screen shots before you download aplication.