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About us

Belgrade 19801 taxi is a modern company, primarily based on the quality and constant improvement of service delivery. The fleet consists of 570 vehicles, of which over 90% is lux category. Of course, it’s not just vehicles that make the quality of service, so we made sure that a permanent selection and training of drivers we reach the top of taxis offer in Belgrade. Our offer includes the system "more miles for less money". A special benefit is a discount on all “out of city“ driving. With the possibility of scheduling the airport run, we offer you welcoming your guests on international arrivals. We offer a quick and easy way of ordering taxi vehicles, not only phone calls, but also application for smartphones.

General economic conditions related to the operation of taxi services and increased competition among taxi associations require a fundamental shift in their business. Such a market environment and the lack of taxi companies that can respond to these requests, opened a space for Belgrade 19801 taxi to the radical improvement of quality of service, rates and fleet optimally utilize the existing market potential and converted into a trademark of taxi services in Belgrade. With its 570 taxis Belgrade taxi allows you to get comfortable and safe vehicle, responsible driver and always the same price at the meter, which is strictly in conformity with the price list.



If you want your clients, guests or business partners have excellent treatment and service anytime, Belgrade 19801 taxi is the ideal solution for your company, firm, hotel or restaurant.


Belgrade 19801 taxi contrive to all those who need for one or more of a luxury car with a driver, to solve your problem in a reliable, comfortable and financially very cost effective way far more efficient than purchasing a new vehicle or rent-a-car services.


Belgrade 19801 taxi is also able to serve important congress events and other mass events that this requirement of the type of service and a high degree representativeness.


Voucher payment method enables deferred-payment, depending on the type, scope, timelines or services, and you can get high discounts.


Belgrade taxi, 24 hours a day, in every part of the city 100% meets all the needs of its customers. This is the taxi that was able to significantly improving the quality of service becomes a specific sign differently and better taxi services. For the past 6 months, Belgrade 19801 taxi has managed to and from the airport daily achieve from 90 to 150 run with a constant upward trend, increasing the number of daytime calls for a 200%, and for night driving 300%, and increase the number of driving by a phone call for 60 %, and increase the number of new members to 250%.


80 RSD/km
start 220 RSD

  • working days
    from 6:00 to 22:00
  • Sunday and holidays
  • outside the city
  • waiting, by hour
    900 RSD


100 RSD/km
start 220 RSD

  • working days
    from 22:00 to 06:00
  • Sunday and holidays
  • outside the city
  • waiting, by hour
    900 RSD


160 RSD/km
start 220 RSD

  • working days
    from 0:00 to 24:00
  • Sunday and holidays
  • outside the city
  • waiting, by hour
    900 RSD


946 BG15829TX
Dejan Maksić
Mercedes E 220 CDI, siva metalik, 2006
Vozilo - vozač Dejan Maksić
948 BG16051TX
Milan Vasiljevic
Citroen C 5 karavan, siva metalik, 2006
Vozilo - vozač Milan Vasiljevic
949 BG16463TX
Srdjan Zindovic
Alfa Romeo 159, siva metalik, 2008
Vozilo - vozač Srdjan Zindovic
950 BG18558TX
Slaviša Arsić
Passat B 7 karavan, siva metalik, 2013
Vozilo - vozač Slaviša Arsić
951 BG19243TX
Goran Babic
Opel Astra H, siva metalik, 2009
Vozilo - vozač Goran Babic
953 BG15557TX
Miodrag Matic
Citroen Picasso, siva metalik, 2009
Vozilo - vozač Miodrag Matic
954 BG20067TX
Žarko Kuzmanović
Ford Mondeo karavan, siva metalik, 2010
Vozilo - vozač Žarko Kuzmanović
955 BG18224TX
Milan Jošić
Peugeot 508, siva metalik, 2014
Vozilo - vozač Milan Jošić


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(Hangar, stari aerodrom)
11070 Novi Beograd
  011 / 20 999 20
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